BiSMUTH Bi38, a new game!

January is a great month for every game developer around the world because it is the month of #GGJ18! It was the second global for Happyland and we enjoyed it even more! This year we teamed up with Andromahi Tyrou aka Mahi, a great musician and future Informatics and Telematics expert who composed the music of BiSMUTH and also was of big help with the level design. Special thanks to George Georgopoulos, Harry Alisavakis, Emmanuela Marla, Xristos Karpousis, Zafiris Pan, Andreas Papoutsas, Agisilaos Zafiriou

The theme of the jam was Transmission and it was a real challenge for us to approach it after the last years’ theme “Waves”. At the same time we wanted to do something different and rejected our first spontaneous ideas for zombie and virus apocalypse games. Luckily one of the diversifiers inspired us to work with magnets but things did not work out smoothly and #GGJ18 was becoming for us once more a bit of a horror movie since we didn’t have a clue of what was going on by Saturday night. Thanks to the arguments on how the magnets work, the algorithms and the ideas of our very talented good friends, a puzzle game was born. And this is why we will be returning every year in Global Game Jam, because 3 days in this jam can count as months in development. So BiSMUTH is a game made of unique handmade puzzles for Mobile and handheld devices where you use the magnets to move the bismuthean balls around the tower, with relaxing music and beautiful graphics.
Find more about #GGJAthens | See more photos of the event in our Photo Gallery

What we know as a fact after all the jams we have been in, is the importance to open up to other developers! Keep the desktops and desks and notes open and even an empty chair to put next to yours and let people come and watch you work and invite you to exchange knowledge!

Team: Marinos Boyko Pehlivanov, Andromahi Tyrou, Vasiliki Tsitsian

Vasiliki Tsiftsian