Really happy Happylanders!

The 1st international game business conference in Greece, Athens Games Festival 2017 , is now over and the world is beginning to learn that Greece makes games! On 28 of October the festival’ s gates opened and we welcomed in Athens the gaming industry for the 1st time. A 2 days festival with opportunities, advice, ideas, brainstorming, tips, competitions, info and everything a team needs to know in order to become a succesful company.

Together Greek and Cypriots game developers, musicians, indies, sound designers, artists, programmers, coders and VR experts we had the chance to showcase our work, abilities and games ! Happyland was there exhibiting and at the same time we were also shortlisted for the Nordic Discovery Games Contest and H.A.M.A.C contest also. We pitched for the first time ever for both competitions and our game Go Heroes: Prometheus managed to be winner in both Nordic Discovery Games Contest and H.A.M.A.C.
We will continue our journey with the Nordics in Sweden on May 2018 and in MWC Barcelona 2018 with H.A.M.A.C. We also need to note that Sons Of Icarus managed to get the 2nd place in H.A.M.A.C.
It was overwhelming having succeeded in all of our goals and we couldn’t have done it without the valuable assistance and work of our friend and partner Alex Koxaras of Origins of Audio. “The Fall and Rise of Resonance” was Alex’s theme which was selected and presented in #AthensGamesFest. Congratulations Alex!
Besides being exhibitors we also had a small contribution in the festival having developed a mini promo game named Heroes Of Athens. You are welcomed to download and enjoy the 5 minutes gameplay 🙂 It was also a surprise for us when we saw the characters of the game on our badges!

Lesson learned, Vol.3:
Live the moment, even if you are worried to do the best for your team. Unfortunately the amount of stress I experienced affected those days and I am not saying I didn’t enjoy #AGF17 but the stress was exhausting.

We “borrowed” photos from: Io Kalogiannakou, Includints, Ιek Omiros

Vasiliki Tsiftsian