Delivery Star!

On 15 of December 2017 we participated in Labour Game Jam, held at Goethe Institut Athens and supported by the program Creative Europe. It was a different jam and a very interesting experience for which we had to explore our previous working experience. Marinos, remembered his college days, when he would ride his motorcycle all over Athens during university as a courier and he wanted to share his memories and make a game out of those days.

Before the jam we did some brainstorming and research and decided to create a delivery boy instead of a courier after realizing that it is not anymore just a part time job for far too many people. The idea was to explore a common occupation between the European countries, beginning with the Athenians and explore the similarities and the differences. We have many ideas but for now we are satisfied with this really fast prototype. We “borrowed” photos from #LabourGames | Visit our Photo Gallery

Lessons learned vol. 4:
a) Sometimes things just don’t work, so be happy with what you have. Marinos has a say “Just a Miracle per day” meaning we can’t always be as efficient as we would like, but it is ok.
b) Old stuff can work really good; with that said please enjoy an old synthesis of our dear friend Dimitris Papadopoulos, an excellent musician. So, remember to take good care of your files!!!

Team: Marinos Boyko Pehlivanov, Vasiliki Tsitsian

Vasiliki Tsiftsian